GE Ranges With Sensi-Temp Technology

GE’s new Sensi-Temp technology is intended to reduce the risk of cooktop fires by limiting the temperature of the burner coil. This is done through a sensor that detects the temperature of your pan and shuts off the coil until it reaches a safe level.

Many people are having trouble with this feature. GE states that for it to work properly your pans need to be flat and the sensor must be clean.

GE® Coil Burners with Sensi-Temp Technology

GE’s coil burners with Sensi-Temp technology feature overheat protection and automatic shutoff when no cookware is present. This helps reduce the risk of accidental fires and is a safety feature that’s required by UL regulations on new electric ranges with coil elements.

While this technology does help prevent burns, many people find the feature annoying and irritating. For those who would rather disable the sensor, a few simple steps can be taken to bypass the sensor and allow the burners to function normally.

Start by looking at the top of the burner element and locating the metal cap that covers three feet. There will be small metal brackets that hold the cap in place at the top. Using needle-nose pliers, bend the two easiest brackets to remove the cap. After removing the cap, look down at the base of the coils and locate two wires that connect to a couple prongs on the bottom of the sensor.

GE® Cooktops with Sensi-Temp Technology

GE’s JBS460 range features durable coil burners with GE Sensi-Temp sensor technology that both detects whether there is cookware in place and also shuts off the burners if there are no pots or pans in the element. This feature reduces the potential for surface cooking fires and helps meet new UL regulation for electric ranges. The coil burners are more rugged than a smooth top electric range and can be individually replaced, making this GE Range ideal for rental properties and other rough use scenarios.

While GE Sensi-Temp is a helpful safety feature, many users have reported problems with this feature on their stoves. Despite the fact that GE states that to ensure the feature works correctly, cookware must be clean and completely flat against the bottom of the element, some users have found that their cookware is never detected and their stoves are not functioning properly. It is recommended that you consult a professional repair technician for assistance in bypassing or disabling the GE Sensi-Temp feature.

GE® Ranges with Sensi-Temp Technology

Some GE ranges come with a feature called sensi temp technology, which is designed to help prevent accidental cooktop fires by limiting the temperature of the coil burner or element. The sensi temp sensors on these stoves monitor the temperature of your pots and pans, and if they get too hot, the burner will shut off until the temperature drops to a safe level. This feature is designed to comply with UL regulations that require electric ranges to have temperature-limiting capabilities to reduce the risk of fires.

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