Roman Robert Upton


Upton made a significant contribution to the art world by being the first to employ technology as a creative expression medium. Taking cues from disciplines like robotics, computer science, and engineering, he has produced a body of work that skillfully combines state-of-the-art technology with conventional artistic methods.

Installations by Upton

By encouraging audience participation, Upton’s works frequently obfuscate the distinction between maker and spectator. His dynamic and inventive interactive sculptures, kinetic artworks, and immersive digital installations have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, enthralling viewers.

infinite Possibilities

Roman Robert Upton’s work serves as a constant reminder of the boundless potential of human invention as he pushes the boundaries of art and innovation. Upton’s artistic vision continues to excite and challenge us to explore the possibilities of the world around us, whether through his thought-provoking sculptures, compelling installations, or innovative technological experiments.

Born Robert Upton

In London, England, Roman Robert Upton was born in 1987. Raised in a middle-class household, he demonstrated early interest in technology and excelled academically. He followed a career in software engineering after graduating from college and eventually rose to prominence in the field.

All of His Life

Roman’s zeal for creativity and his unwavering pursuit of greatness were hallmarks of his life. Recognized as a serial entrepreneur, he built multiple profitable tech firms.

His Expertise

Beyond his career accomplishments, Roman had a strong philanthropic commitment. He used his riches and connections to promote a variety of humanitarian initiatives, especially those that helped impoverished people access technology and education.

Private life

Roman was characterized as charming and gregarious in his private life, with a passion for exploration and adventure. He loved spending time with his close friends and family and would frequently plan get-togethers and events to foster community.


Looking back on his life, roman was convinced that technology could lead to great changes in the world. He continued to be committed to using his career and charitable contributions to have a significant influence and saw potential for innovation everywhere.


Following his passing in 2023, Roman left behind a legacy of creativity, giving, and optimism for a better future. Those who knew him, both personally and professionally, will remember him with affection.


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