Peter McNeeley’s Net Worth

Overwise by Peter McNeeley:

1. American heavyweight boxer Peter McNeeley is well remembered for his 1995 matchup with Mike Tyson.

2. Date of birth: October 6, 1968

3. Net Worth (as of 2024): $100,000 to $1 million
4- Boxing is a Rich Source
5. Place of residence: Massachusetts, USA

6- 6′ 2″ (1.88 m) in height
7-Weight: In review
8- White ethnicity
9- American nationality
10. No idea about religion

Childhood and Schooling:

1. American citizen, born in Medfield, Mass.
2. Son of Tom McNeeley (1937–2011) and Nancy McNeeley (née Gray) (1944–2018)

3. The father was a previous heavyweight contender who went up against Floyd Patterson to win the world heavyweight title.
4. Mother was a previous New Hampshire Miss America finalist.
5. Thomas McNeeley Sr., my grandfather, competed in boxing and represented New England in the 1928 Olympics.


1. Completed 21 amateur contests, ending with a 15–6 record.
2. Won the 1989 New England Diamond Belt Tournament and the New England Golden Gloves in Lowell, Massachusetts.
3. 54 matches, 47 victories, 7 defeats in professional boxing
4- Won nine bouts by decision and 36 by knockout.
5-Won six bouts via knockout, one via disqualification, and none via decision.

Private Life:

1. Arrested in 1995 and accused with violence and assault with a deadly weapon

2. Arrested in 2006 after striking a man and taking his wallet
3. Arrested for using the getaway vehicle during the 2006 Walgreens heist

Combat Style:

1- Adherent to an Orthodox posture; 2- 6′ 2″ in height and 77″ in reach; 3- Well-known for his powerful punches and combative approach

Prominent Battles:

1. August 19, 1995, fight with Mike Tyson at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas
2. Battle with Butterbean at Mandalay Bay in Paradise, Nevada, on June 20, 1999.


1. renowned for his fortitude and capacity for taking a punch
2. Esteemed by both supporters and other fighters for his fierce combat approach and readiness to face challenging opponents
3. Regarded as one of Mike Tyson’s most unforgettable opponents throughout his career.

The following is a breakdown of Peter McNeeley’s wealth:

1. Net worth (as of 2024): $100,000 to $1 million
2. Boxing is a Rich Source
3. 54 matches, 47 victories, 7 defeats in professional boxing
4. Renowned for: violent fighting style and the 1995 matchup with Mike Tyson
5. Respected for: Being resilient and able to absorb blows
6. Legacy: Regarded as one of Mike Tyson’s most unforgettable opponents during his career

Note: Depending on the source and date, net worth figures may change.

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