Spectre Side Missions – Citadel Target Jamming Technology

Unlike most other collectable side missions, citadel target jamming technology can be completed at any time. You can overhear the turian C-Sec officer in the Presidium Commons discussing this equipment, which is then available through Spectre Requisitions for 1000 credits.

This device jams the control transmission signals emitted by drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles. It is found while exploring the AA Gun control facility during Rannoch: Admiral Koris.

Target Jamming Technology Side Quest

Jamming Technology

A C-Sec officer has requested the development of a new technology to prevent jamming. This side mission is available after completing Priority: Palaven and can be found in the Presidium Commons near a Turian officer. Simply approach the C-sec officer to start this quest.

The goal of the project is to improve first responder communication systems’ resilience to jamming  technology  threats by evaluating, developing and testing mitigation and tactics. This is a complex problem and requires collaboration among federal, state and local public safety agencies, private sector and academia. The department is committed to making first responders more aware of the threat, its impact on communications and their ability to perform their missions, and ensuring that they have appropriate reporting channels.

To achieve its goal, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and jamming Technology Directorate (S&T) has been leading the national effort to develop and test innovative anti-jamming technologies for first responders. This includes working with law enforcement and other public safety partners to update training and reporting capabilities. It has also developed and tested a new radar smart anti-jamming system that uses a phase-coded signal to suppress the main-to-side-lobe ratio of an airborne target, thus improving its detection probability.

To finish this side mission, you must visit Apollos Cafe before completing Priority: Rannoch and listen to the conversation the Turian C-Sec officer has over his comm unit in the front area. After that, you must visit the Aethon Cluster: Decoris System and Scan Talis Fia. Finally, return the artifact to the Volus diplomat in the northwest area of Citadel Embassies to complete this side mission. You will receive 30 experience, 1000 credits and an upgrade to your War Assets – Citadel Defense Force.

Geth Target-Jamming Techhnology

Jamming Techhnology

A C-sec officer needs a new jamming technology to prevent future attacks. Find the jamming device and bring it to him.

Before starting this side mission, you must listen secretly to a conversation that the Turian C-Sec officer is having using his communication device.. He’s located next to Apollo’s Cafe in the Presidium Commons section of the Citadel. He’s asking for “Geth Target-Jamming Technology” to save lives during future attacks, which is why you’ll need to snag this tech for him.

If you didn’t get the Jamming technology Tower Data during Rannoch: Admiral Koris, you can still grab it later by visiting the Spectre Requisitions terminal inside the Citadel Embassies. The item is available for purchase for 1,000 credits, before any discounts or remote access markups.

Once you’ve purchased the technology, head back to Apollos Cafe and deliver it to the C-Sec officer. This will complete the quest, which gives you 5 Reputation, 30 experience, and updates the Eclipse covert ops war asset list for the C-Sec department. On the way, you can pick up a Med-Kit on a table, and partway up the crates there are the Turret Control Schematics you need for the mission. You can also find a Shotgun High Caliber Barrel Mod behind a crate.

Rannoch: Admiral Koris

Jamming Techhnology

After destroying the Geth dreadnought, Shepard is approached by Admiral Koris who informs Shepard that the Geth fighter squadrons are still decimating the Quarian civilian fleet. Shepard will then be given the option to either attempt to rescue Koris or shut down the server controlling the squadrons. If the latter is selected, Koris will then return to Rannoch and warn about the impending attack from the Reapers.

When the squad lands on Rannoch, they’ll be met by a Geth jamming technology tower that’s being bombarded with anti-air guns. Shepard and the squad members will need to disable the gun before heading in. There’s also a sniper in the area, which can be taken out using a turret inside the shuttle. Once the AA guns are disabled, Shepard and the squad can proceed into the base, which is instantly attacked by a squad of Geth hostiles. Once all the hostiles are killed and the AA gun is disabled, Shepard will be able to contact Koris.

EDI has a small unique moment here, so taking her along is recommended. Liara and Garrus can be brought along for some ME1 squadmate recognition, as well as Tali for a few morality points. Choosing the Paragon or Renegade option will allow Shepard to save Tali and Legion and convince the Quarian fleet to stop attacking the Geth ships, resulting in both sides brokering peace on Rannoch.

Spectre Requisitions

Spectres have an impressive arsenal of weapons, but they aren’t easy to get. The main issue is that Shepard needs to be a high-level to access most of the gear, and that’s assuming they’ve completed the Mass Effect 3 RPG’s original campaign. Luckily, Legendary Edition introduced the concept of a special store that grants Shepard access to Spectre weapons and armor.

During the Rannoch: Admiral Koris side mission, you’ll see a Turian C-Sec officer who needs target-jamming technology to prevent future attacks. Shepard can find the technology in a locker during this mission, and it’ll be available for purchase later at the Spectre Requisition Terminal in the Citadel Embassies.

The Spectre arsenal includes the M-9 Talon, a shotgun that fires not bullets but a spray of projectiles that tightens at range. It’s a pretty potent weapon, but it’s expensive to unlock, as the best Spectre equipment costs over a million credits.

Another high-end gun is the N-7 Valiant sniper rifle, which deals a ton of damage and can kill a hive queen in a single shot. It’s also incredibly expensive to unlock, but it is worth the investment as a high-end weapon that increases Biotics’ cooldown times. It’s also a requirement to complete the mission that opens up the Spectre Requisition terminal in the embassy. Sadly, this quest isn’t available to players without the Legendary Edition.

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