How To cut Tumblr Posts On Mobile

How to Shorten Mobile Tumblr Posts

Tumblr is a well-liked medium for textual, visual, and other forms of expression. Using the “read more” or cut option is one efficient approach to handle longer entries and keep your blog looking neat and structured. Here are some easy steps to take if you’re wondering how to accomplish this on the mobile app.

Step 1,

Open the app Tumblr.
Launch the Tumblr mobile application. Make sure that your account is signed in.

Step 2:

Write a Fresh Post
Touch the “+” symbol, which is often located in the bottom center of the screen. This will cause a new post window to open, allowing you to begin creating your content.

Step 3:

Write the Text
Compose your Tumblr post just like you always do. Write the content you wish to distribute to your followers in text form.

Step 4:

Add the tag “Read More”
Place your cursor where you wish the post to be clipped in order to insert a “read more” tag. Search for an icon or menu item that symbolizes a “read more” link. This might be a comparable symbol, such as a horizontal line with two dots in the middle.

Step 5:

Examine and Modify
Make sure the cut is where you want it by previewing your post. Use this chance to change positions if necessary. You may see how your post will look to your followers by taking this step.

Step 6:

After you’re happy with where the “read more” tag is placed, click publish on your post. Now, the first section of your post will include a “read more” link to entice your followers to click and read the entire thing.


You may efficiently cut Tumblr posts on your mobile device by following these simple methods, which will let you share your opinions while keeping your blog layout tidy and orderly. Remember that app interfaces might change over time, so for the most up-to-date instructions, make sure you remain informed about any updates made to the Tumblr mobile app.


To shorten a Tumblr post and include a summary on a mobile device, use these steps:

1. Launch the app Tumblr.
2. Locate the post that has to be summarized and cut.
3. Press on the ellipsis (three dots) symbol, which is often included in the post options.
4. Seek out a menu item such as “Cut” or “Add a summary.”
5. Fill in the summary section with your information.
6. Verify or save your modifications.

Remember that depending on the app version, the exact procedures may differ significantly, so make sure to modify these instructions properly.

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