Hiding Wires For Wall Mounted TV

Hide Wires for a Stylish Wall-Mounted TV Configuration


Wall-mounted televisions offer a contemporary and compact home entertainment solution. Dealing with the unattractive mass of cables and wires hanging down the wall, however, is frequently the difficult part. Thankfully, cables may be neatly and professionally hidden in a number of inventive and practical ways. We’ll look at a few different ways to hide those wires and have a flawless wall-mounted TV setup in this article.

1. Cable Management Kits for the Wall

For a clean, well-organized look, use in-wall cable management systems, which let you hide wires behind the drywall.
Usually, these kits come with wall plates, cable channels, and all the tools needed for an easy installation.

2. Cable Raceways

Surface-mounted conduits that cover the wires travel down the wall in cable raceways.
With a range of widths and hues, cable raceways provide an adaptable approach to match the style of your space.

3. Sleeves and Covers for Cords

Flexible tubes called cord covers and sleeves encase wires to give an organized and sleek appearance.
To make your cord covers even less noticeable, choose paintable ones that will mix in perfectly with the color of your wall.

4. Make Use of Furniture and Decor

Arrange furniture, like consoles or shelves, so that the wires behind them are hidden.
Cables can be hidden while still giving a stylish touch by using decorative components like wall art or tapestries.

5.Wireless Solutions

When connecting your TV to accessories like gaming consoles and streaming devices, take into account wireless choices.
Although there are still wires present, this method greatly minimizes their number that is visible.

6. Put in a Power Plug Behind the TV

To reduce the visibility of power cords, install a power outlet behind the TV.
For a complete solution, this technology functions best when paired with in-wall wire management.

7. Do-it-yourself Cable Concealment

Utilize your imagination to conceal wires by employing PVC pipes, ornamental conduit, or even repurposing everyday objects. Make that any do-it-yourself fix adheres to electrical codes and is safe.


Careful planning and the appropriate equipment are needed to get a clutter-free look for your wall-mounted TV. Creating a visually beautiful and well-organized entertainment environment is the aim, regardless of whether you choose surface-mounted solutions, in-wall cable management, or a combination of both. You can get the advantages of a modern wall-mounted TV system without sacrificing style by trying out these different approaches.

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