Gallow Technologies Gun Walls

Gallow Technologies offers a customizable, infinitely expandable gun rack system that’s cheaper and more space efficient than a gun safe. Its wall panels and hangers are designed to accommodate everything from a few firearms to an armory. They can be secured into wood studs, steel beams, concrete walls, or any other solid surface.

What is a gun wall?

Gallow Technologies Gun Walls

A gun wall is a system that allows you to store your firearms while also displaying them. This type of system is usually built into a room and is secured behind a vault door. Many collectors use these systems to store their guns and other weapons while also displaying them. They are also a great way to organize your collection. The system is typically made out of steel and is easy to install. It is important to leave enough space for your collection and other items such as reloading equipment. The system can be used in both new and existing walls. It is recommended that the gun wall be covered in drywall or plywood.

A wall gun or “wall piece” is a supersized version of the army’s standard musket. The weapon was designed to rest on a wall or the railing of a ship and was often fitted with a yoke or swivel to facilitate mounting. These large smoothbore weapons fired a solid lead round ball and were capable of hitting targets up to 100 yards away. They were popular in sieges and other situations where a cannon was impractical.

A wall gun was normally manned by two soldiers, who were protected by a wooden mantlet attached to the weapon’s cart. These guns could fire about two to three rounds per minute, until the blackpowder fouled their barrels.

How do I build a gun wall?

Whether you’re looking to show off your collection of firearms or just store them, a gun wall is an excellent option. Not only is it a safe and secure place to store your guns, but it also provides easy access when you need them.

To build a gun wall, you’ll need to choose the type of gun rack you want to create and decide on the location for it. For example, you can install a wall with wooden slats that fit hangers, or you can use metal grid panels like those seen in retail clothing stores. Both of these options can be mounted to the wall using standard drywall anchors, and they are both durable and modern-looking.

Once you’ve chosen the type of gun wall you want to install, it’s important to take into account the size and shape of your guns when choosing the installation location. The support beams and studs that the racks will be mounted to must be strong enough to hold the weight of the guns. You should also avoid placing the gun wall in a high-traffic area where the racks may get damaged by frequent use or accidental contact with other items.

If you’re unsure how to design your gun wall, Gallow Technologies has a wide selection of pre-configured kits that can help you plan and install your weapon storage system. Their kits come with steel construction panels and brackets, which can be customized to your specific needs. They’re also easy to install and can be reconfigured without the need for tools.

Does the gun wall system from Gallow Technologies work?

Gallow Technologies offers a highly configurable gun storage and display system built on wall panels with a proprietary interlocking hole pattern. These panels allow users to easily reconfigure their collection with the various hangers the company provides, which can be used to store everything from a single gun to an armory of weapons. The panels are made from sturdy 14-gauge steel and come with a lifetime warranty. The company also puts a lot of attention to detail into the system, like adding rubber end caps to the support beams.

Is the gun wall system worth it?

The gun wall system from Gallow Technologies is a great way to store and display your weapons. It is made of solid steel, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. It is also very affordable, especially compared to a traditional safe. The system is configurable and infinitely expandable, and it can accommodate any size collection. Gallow Technologies offers a variety of hangers and accessories to meet your specific needs. Their wall panels have a unique interlocking hole pattern that allows them to fit together in any configuration.These are simple to set up, and they have a professional appearance. They are also a great option for people with limited space or who want to hide their guns from visitors.

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