Fidelis Technologies Offers Cloud Services For MSMEs

Fidelis Technologies offers a wide range of cloud services that enable MSMEs to increase efficiency, reach new customers, and stay competitive. The company’s solutions include IT Managed Services, IT Solutions, Staffing Services, and a Learning Academy.

Deploying lures and breadcrumbs is simple with Fidelis technologies Deception because the program watches traffic through network sensors. It knows what kinds of real information valid users leave behind and suggests similar but fake breadcrumbs to deploy.


Fidelis Technologies

Fidelis technologies Deception makes it harder for cyber attackers to hurt your computer and helps your security team protect it better.. It misdirects threats by automatically and dynamically deploying decoys and breadcrumbs that mimic real infrastructure. Whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud, the deception platform uses virtual and physical hardware sensors to automate and bring decoys to life.

The platform emulates servers and endpoints, including IoT devices like point-of-sale systems and medical devices. When attackers attempt to use those images, they get a high-fidelity alert that lets them know they have been lured into an untrue environment.

The solution also includes a tool that delays hackers by feeding them files that look small — kilobytes or even smaller — but expand when downloaded, sometimes into gigabytes and terabytes. This can hold up an attack for hours, giving the IT team time to understand the threat and thwart it. Combined with the full Situational Awareness capabilities of Elevate XDR, the solution is designed to reshape your attack surface, reduce post-breach dwell times and improve SOC visibility.


Fidelis Technologies

Fidelis technologies Cybersecurity is entering a crowded market for deception technology, which lures attackers into traps that can be detected by real cybersecurity systems. The company is launching a new detection module to its Elevate platform, bringing deception capabilities into a network security system along with web and endpoint protection.

The network detection system – a type of intrusion prevention system – patrols all traffic in and out of a protected network, looking for signs that hackers are at work. It scans the contents of packet headers and compares this activity to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, a central database of hacker tactics.

The system also detects anomalous behavior, such as when a file that shouldn’t be in a protected network is transferred. This can signal a breach and lead to a quick response, such as suspending user accounts or blocking access to specific devices or IP addresses. The IPS can then automatically take remediation action, such as terminating processes and restoring files that were stolen or deleted.


Fidelis technologies

Fidelis technologies is an industry leader in active eXtended detection and response (XDR) solutions. Its scalable, customizable platform allows security teams to identify and respond to threats quickly to minimize damage and disruption. Its team of cyber warriors innovates tools to conquer threats, and deploys them on behalf of its clients, providing visibility into the deepest crevices of their networks at record speeds.

Its unified platform, Fidelis Elevate, unifies deception technologies with detection and response across network (NDR), endpoint (EDR) and cloud environments. It provides understaffed security teams with greater context, enriched analysis and automated workflows to help them prioritize threat detection and response.

e92plus is an authorized distributor of the fidelis technologies products for UK channel partners including VARs, MSPs and MSSPs. The comprehensive partner program includes dedicated training, a range of sales resources and enhanced MDF support to boost revenue, margins and profitability. To learn more, visit the fidelis website.

Cloud Security

Fidelis technologies

Achieve complete protection for your cloud files with a comprehensive defense solution.

With a made-for-the-cloud posture management, workload protection and container security platform like Fidelis CloudPassage Halo coupled with Fidelis Network, enterprises gain deep cloud visibility with the threat detection capabilities to secure their infrastructure, applications and data from cyberattacks.

Its deception fidelis technologies slows down ongoing attacks, allowing companies to root out attackers before they can steal or damage data. It also helps them identify attackers by providing insights into their TTPs (tactics, techniques and procedures).

The company’s unified detection and response platform integrates its tools with the networks, endpoints and user identities to help organizations find threats faster and neutralize them before they can impact business operations. It helps make maps of the internet. Moreover, it helps protect against ransomware and prevents data espionage by leveraging a combination of detection methods, including sandboxing, endpoint defenses and metadata analytics. Fidelis Cybersecurity’s systems are used by military and government agencies globally.

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