Coffey Anderson Net Worth

Overwise, Coffey Anderson:

The self-titled album that Coffey Anderson, an American singer, musician, and composer, published on September 28, 2010, is his most well-known work.

Worth Net:

The estimated amount of Coffey Anderson’s net worth is $2 million.


The 2010 self-titled album by musician and composer Coffey Anderson was one of several albums she has released. Additionally, he has made appearances in advertisements for Taco Bell, Disney, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. His participation in reality TV programs includes “Nashville Star” and “American Idol.” Right now, he may be seen in the reality TV show “Country-ish.”

Other Initiatives:

“Country Ever After,” a reality series on Netflix, debuted in 2020 with Anderson as its star. The show chronicles his career as an independent country music performer and his wife Criscilla’s journey from stage 3 colon cancer to her eventual return to the dance industry.

Resources and Earnings:

Although Anderson has ventured into other endeavors, such as participating in talk shows and reality TV, the majority of his income comes from his music career. Through it all, his music has helped him accumulate a substantial sum of money.

Private Life:

Criscilla Crossland Anderson and Coffey Anderson are married, and the couple has four kids together. In 2018, Criscilla, his spouse, received a stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis.

Coffey Anderson’s net worth is summarized as follows:

First, net worth of $2 million.

The Source of Income

Advertising, TV appearances, and a career in music.

Highlights of my career:

In 2010 the self-titled album was released.
5-A competitor on American Idol and Nashville Star.
The sixth star of the Netflix reality series “Country Ever After”
-Made appearances in advertisements for Taco Bell, Disney, and Blue Cross Blue Shield

Individual Life:

Matrimonially linked to Criscilla Crossland Anderson
Four kids
In 2018, 12-Wife Criscilla received a stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis.

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